Chris Scott Wilson, Yorkshire Lass

STARZ FELL FROM STOCKTON tonight at New Marske's Yorkshire Lass. Full of confidence and engaging the audience, Stockton band Starz chugged through two sets of full tilt boogie tunes, some from the hand of Marc Bolan, Kinks, Gary Numan, Green Day and others, almost tipping over into punk. Kiko the lead singer is from the Phil Lynott school of bass players, while guitarist Kenny is a man in love with Floyd-Rose (the musos'll get that one) and who has infinite sustain and bends it almost as far as it'll go. Drummer Mark provides a little vocal support as well as doing what is necessary to nail down their sound. Bottom line is if you like loud three piece bands who rock and enjoy every moment they are on stage, then Stockton band Starz have your name engraved on their hearts.